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I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world to have experienced being guided by you in yoga practice every morning during my recent retreat in Bali. It is truly a wonderful and life changing event for me, which has shifted me on many levels. I had to laugh when you would sometimes apologize because you thought your English wasn’t very good, as you had such a wise and down to earth way of explaining the inner workings of the practice of yoga that I had never experienced before. You had all of us who attended the retreat laughing and crying as you brought such a realness to the way you taught. Especially on sacral chakra day with your sanskrit musings on relationships and how to have loving and honorable ones.
During our retreat we also had such a diverse age group encompassing women in their 20′s, 30′s , 40′s and 50′s and you had all of us working together in harmony adjusting postures to suit all of us and where we were at each day. You also have given me such a personal gift as after your classes I have actually been enjoying feeling more grounded and in my body and releasing the need to rush and just enjoying the moment more. Feeling more connected and present.
I actually feel so inspired by doing the yoga work with you that I am considering doing a course next year here in Australia just to learn more.
So thanks so much for being you, what a lovely gift you give to the world in choosing to teach yoga.
Much love and blessings.
Leisa Apelt
Hypnotherapist Australia

I have recently had the pleasure of having Pradnya bless me and my group of ladies with her truly amazing gift of Yoga. I held a retreat in Bali for 8 days and Pradnya ran the Yoga classes for me, she listened to all my request and she she filled the requirement and more. Her teaches were often very humorous making the sessions so enjoyable and the ladies at my retreat felt so comfortable with her. Pradnya not only teaches movement she teaches you how to love, honor and respect not only yourself but those around you. Some of her life stories struck a cord with the ladies allowing them to have emotional releases. By the end of the retreat there were emotional good byes, I look forward to working with Pradnya in the future.
Love and Light
at Maria with One Ness